Basic Services to Urban Poor (BSUP)

Mission Statement

Reforms driven, fast track, planned development of identified cities with focus on efficiency in urban infrastructure/services delivery mechanism, community participation and accountability of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) towards citizens.

Mission Objectives

Focused attention to integrated development of Basic Services to the Urban Poor in the cities covered under the Mission.

Provision of Basic Services to Urban Poor including security of tenure at affordable prices, improved housing, water supply, sanitation and ensuring delivery through convergence of other already existing universal services of the Government for education, health and social security. Care will be taken to see that the urban poor are provided housing near their place of occupation.

Secure effective linkages between asset creation and asset management so that the Basic Services to the Urban Poor created in the cities, are not only maintained efficiently but also become self-sustaining over time.

Ensure adequate investment of funds to fulfil deficiencies in the Basic Services to the Urban Poor.

Scale up delivery of civic amenities and provision of utilities with emphasis on universal access to urban poor.

Mission Components

The sub-Mission on Basic Services to the Urban Poor will cover the following: -

Integrated development of slums, i.e., housing and development of infrastructure projects in the slums in the identified cities.

Projects involving development/improvement/maintenance of basic services to the urban poor.

Slum improvement and rehabilitation projects.

Projects on water supply/sewerage/drainage, community toilets/baths, etc.

Houses at affordable costs for slum dwellers/ urban poor/EWS/LIG categories.

Construction and improvements of drains/storm water drains.

Environmental improvement of slums and solid waste management.

Street lighting.